SHALAMAR on Wikipedia

Wikipedia - Shalamar in 1982; Howard Hewett, Jody Watley, Jeffrey Daniel
It's come to our attention that in recent months, since the Jody Watley registration of the Shalamar trademark, their Wikipedia page is consistently vandalized apparently by those associated with Carolyn Baldwin (stage name last name Griffey, step daughter to former and defunct Solar Records founder Dick Griffey), Howard Hewett, Jeffrey Daniel and their manager Michael Gardner who also allegedly goes by the name of Vijay Bhuchar.  No doubt this is a tactic to confuse the public, undermine Watley's ownership and possibly to influence the trademark appeals board; as Baldwin insists she is the owner without any paperwork to substantiate the claim. This type of behavior is childish, unethical and unprofessional going in line with the constant social media libelous anti-Watley campaign they've engaged in. Surely, we believe the TTAB will frown upon these acts of obvious attempts to mislead and misdirect in the process - as well as a baseless request by Baldwin.

Official and legal site links are constantly changed, after corrections andupdates with their own hastily assembled site as of January 2015, and a since removed Facebook page of their own which was in direct violation of the trademark owners rights.

Links to the Official and Verified Shalamar Facebook page, as well as any official and authorized website, and blog of the legal owner Jody Watley are consistently deleted as well as removing links to her website and Facebook page. The link to this page has been removed numerous times, despite this blog not only being about the new Shalamar but a great source of the past history as well. Who does that? What is the agenda? Some want to rewrite or erase certain people and pivotal moments in the history from 1977-1990.

In essence, when anyone visits Wikipedia, understand that there are people who falsely and purposefully post information out of vindictiveness in this case,  unsourced information, opionion rather than fact, gossip or rumor. In one of the corrections the bitterness showed in namely calling against Watley confirming this is being taken personally by those others involved.

It's a shame Wikipedia doesn't have a better method and these infringing acts are allowed to occur, as well as truthful information such as Watley's registration removed. Rather than waste time constantly monitoring the Shalamar Wikipedia page, and seeing corrections and updates removed we are posting this information with regard to this matter.