Shalamar Reloaded Do it Big On The Sunset Strip

Nate Allen Smith. Jody Watley. Rosero McCoy.  immediately following a sizzling performance pause for a photo moment with famed photographer Alex Berliner Gaia.ABImages.

GRAMMY® winner, multiplatinum artist, songwriter, producer, style icon entrepreneur and SHALAMAR ® original Jody Watley.

Bringing sexy back - again! Jody, Rosero and Nate. Shalamar ® Reloaded for a new era.

On Saturday night after a day of thunderstorms and rain it was a perfect way to cap off a steamy evening as the humidity dripped from the atmosphere. A-list celebrities who relish the privacy, great music and atmosphere are one of the things Bryan Rabin and Adam XII Present: Giorgio's A Modern Discotheque is known for. It was no exception for the newly reloaded Shalamar's big night. Heralding the release of their debut single "SlowDance." Jody Watley was glamorous in a Chanel beaded and sequin trench coat with Nate Allen Smith and Rosero McCoy flaunting model looks, vocal and dance chops with tailored suits came out to an enthusiastic crowd and overcame the power outage but there was no shortage of electricity.  Everyone sang along, danced, chanted and instantly knew the hook "Does anybody slow dance anymore at the end of the night on the dance-floor with everyone appropriately squeezed in together for one sexy night.