Behind The Scenes With Shalamar® for SIRIUSXM Broadcast Special

While in the midst of the United States east coast tour dates, Jody Watley, Nate Allen Smith and Rosero McCoy taped a special with the popular SIRIUSXM channel 'The Groove' with host BK Kirkland for his inaugural special appropriately titled "In The Groove." Between in depth interviews, and Watley's efforts to introduce Nate and Rosero to the public during the media blitz, the trio performed before a small studio audience a couple of Shalamar classics "Take That To The Bank" and "A Night To Remember" and ending on a couple of Jody Watley classics including "Don't You Want Me" and she previewed a new song 'Sanctuary' from her current 'Paradise' release. The special aired twice to millions of subscribers in July 2015.

Watch the performance of "Take That To The Bank"