A Reloaded Shalamar® Return to Japan's Billboard Live with Jody Watley

It looks like new member Nate Smith will make his first appearance and trip to Tokyo and Osaka with Rosero McCoy and Jody Watley for a round of just announced concerts at Billboard Live. As a solo artist Jody Watley has toured Japan for decades as her second most popular fan base outside of America. It's certain these shows are going to be off the chain as the show gets better with every appearance. "We're not trying to recreate the past or make it like it's 82 all over again.. we want to help people create new fun moments through the music - not just remember how they felt a long time ago..we don't want to compete with that - it happened already.." says Watley. "We are giving 100% as a new group breathing fresh life into classics as well as our own new music...the fans get a Jody Watley set as well of solo hits and other gems. It's a hot ticket and an entertaining concert!" As one concert goer proclaimed "It's not just a concert, it's an experience!"
More info and tickets for Billboard Live: HERE

Photography: Victoria Paschuta. Shalamar® Reloaded with Nate Allen Smith, Jody Watley and Rosero McCoy.

Catch Jody and Shalamar stateside:

Oct. 2 – Bakersfield Rabobank Arena, Jody Watley ‘Classic Jam’ various artists
November 4 – Ramshead, Annapolis MD with Shalamar® Reloaded and DJ Lisa Moody of GirlSquad Pre-show
November 6-8 Blues Alley Washington D.C. with Shalamar® Reloaded and DJ Lisa Moody of Girl Squad Pre-show
November 14 – The Honda Center Superfreesyle Explosion Jody Watley with Salt n Pepa and various artists
December 29-31 / January 1 – TBA Oakland, CA Jody Watley with Shalamar®Reloaded