Shalamar Reloaded and Jody Watley Visit Radio One's Majic 102.3 with John Monds.

Nate Smith, Rosero McCoy, Jody Watley - Shalamar® and John Monds.
Via Instgram, Nate Allen Smith. Shalamar.

Nate Smith, Jody Watley and Rosero McCoy - Shalamar In studio guests at Majic 102.3 with John Monds

Shalamar and Jody Watley in town for weekend concerts in Washington D.C. at the legendary venue Blues Alley got to sit down on air for an extended interview with veteran on air personality John Monds' for his evening nationally syndicated show "Love and R&B." The group kept things upbeat and positive as always.
The current single 'SlowDance' got a spin.