2015Highlights. Shalamar on UrbandBridgez

We've been sharing some of the highlights of 2015, when Shalamar was officially Reloaded and made some noise. The name Shalamar had not been mentioned and covered so much since the 80's before the year of Jody Watley, Nate Smith and Rosero McCoy. It would have been easy and safe to stay in the tried and true formula of nostalgia, singing the hits - which they do quite well, but the goal was to create a new path. The road less traveled. Branching out to a newer base and audience and to introduce new members to the American and international public. This was achieved as evidenced by the media attention generated for the new trio and despite efforts to undermine their efforts from bookings to public reaction.

2015 was even more noteworthy because of a smear and bully campaign that was started and led by a Vijay Bhuchar whose name seemed to be under every review and article and Youtube clip. Bhuhcar is an associate of Watley's former colleagues.

The group was featured on an array of music sites, including: UrbanBridgez