Shalamar Reloaded. Year End Top 20 on Poptastic Confessions.

2015 was quite a debut year for Shalamar Reloaded. With many sold-out shows most importantly in the United States, a new single and video; after decades of silence beyond rotation on classic soul radio.

Add  splash of controversy, a contingency of a hand full of detractors not so subtly fueled by a couple of familiar names and former colleagues of Watley's and a longtime Watley imposter associated with former Solar Records owner; it was all about the new reloaded era in the end. Another faction may have claimed to be 'doing Shalamar for years' but there was little evidence to support it beyond a few concerts in the UK as a nostalgia act.
It wasn't until 2015 the name "Shalamar" was the talk of the town again as the result of the efforts of Jody Watley's vision, along with Rosero McCoy and Nate Smith. You can Google this if you're a non believer.  Shalamar Reloaded raised the bar and created a new path. It also put an end to those false ads where it obvious someone else was trying to make people think the original girl wasn't Watley while using her face.
What a difference a trademark makes. Pictured is Jody Watley with Hewett and Daniels; though they changed the name to a Carolyn Griffey back in 2011 in the UK.

A false ad. Pictured is Jody Watley although the name was changed - there false practices were stopped in 2015.

It was easy to see how they shook people up and even started the very haters to try to shadow and emulate. Nate, Jody and Rosero are looking forward to 2016.
Special thank you to music blog Poptastic Confessions for being an early supporter.

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