Rosero McCoy. Jody Watley. Nate Smith. Shalamar Reloaded. SRL.  Brand Limited edition hoodies.

Shalamar Reloaded established in 2014, founded by Jody Watley. Dynamic and stylish onstage and off. "Reloaded began as a marketing term so that promoters and fans wouldn't think me doing some form of reunion." Jody Watley has stated. "We wanted to be clear with who we are from the confusion, no hiding behind old photo's of previous incarnations of Shalamar. Shalamar of the past with all of the great music has a certain baggage attached positive and negative. Allmusic guide describes the demise of the last incarnation in 1990. It feels like a natural progression of things.

Fans and media began to gravitate to Shalamar Reloaded as 2015 continued and it feels right. New, fresh and now.