Feel The Heat. Shalamar Reloaded New Video O.R.I.G.in.A.L on SingersRoom

Shalamar Reloaded The Modern Slayage

Jody Watley said she wasn't content to rely on the whole safety net of nostalgia revival where veteran acts never venture from the comfort zone to rely on past hits, she didn't lie. Trolls might think she's too old to do something new,  while they old asses stay stuck in the past, I say keep proving the hater's wrong Jody gyrl, you looking hotter than ever. What's the secret?! Do tell inquiring minds. Hmm, maybe that new hottness of Rosero and Nate. To these young eyeballs, this 3 compliment each other well. Jody is always cutting edge, stylish and sassy and looks half of whatever her age is supposed to be. Miss Jody and Shalamar Reloaded got trolls all in they feelings.

There's nothing an old guy can do but point me in the direction of a young one, so I'm with Miss Jody all day with no fuks to give. Umm humm. Boom.

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Catch Shalamar Reloaded and Jody Watley in Atlantic City May 12 at Harrah's Resort and Casino, I hope they come to the south soon.