The ClapBack Track of the Summer on Eurweb

Walk it out! Hottie Nate Smith, Miss Jody Watley and Rosero dope ass TopHatRo

Interesting take on the new jam by Miss Jody and Shalamar Reloaded. The thing I see is most chatter is like it's just the clap back from Jody and over looking the verses from Nate Allen Smith and Rosero. Keep the jaws wagging y'all. The tea is also that the other three who brag about being together for 15years have suddenly rushed into the studio when they need to have a stadium of seats because I can't see anyone checking for it. Howard Hewett couldn't even get his solo career off the ground and the public showed no interest when he took Shalamar over after running off the original members Jeffrey Mr. Soul Train and Jody.

Sips tea::