SHALAMAR Two Originals Reunite for New Single

Shalamar originals Jody Watley and Gerald Brown have reunited for a new duet, their first since 1978's hit "Take That To The Bank." Watley's "Nightlife" features Brown on backing vocals and the new remix produced by Dave Doyle takes us back while keeping us firmly embedded in the present with this danceable soul groove.

To listen click this Youtube link:

Here's a photo of Gerald and Jody receiving a Disco Award in 1978
Gerald Brown and Jody Watley pictured in 1978 receiving disco award 

SHALAMAR On Soul Train Making That Move

Jody Watley, Howard Hewett and Jeffrey Daniel rip the stage with "Make That Move" on Soul Train from 1980. The quality of the video isn't great and the interview is cut, but you get the point. Shalamar stood out amongst many groups at the time classic grooves of Leon Sylvers III production with his writing team, dancing and stand out memorable singing.

View the video: