Shalamar Reloaded and Thankful For A Great Year.

Shalamar Reloaded. Rosero McCoy, Nate Allen Smith, Jody Watley and Sam Rubin.

There have been so many highlights for Jody Watley, Nate Smith and Rosero McCoy in 2015. Here's one from July 2015 on KTLA Morning News With Sam Rubin. The new trio showed off humor, charm and some dance moves for Sam. In case you missed the fun, watch it here on: KTLA

Happy Birthday to Shalamar's Rosero McCoy

Rosero McCoy. Shalamar® Reloaded. Singer / Dancer / Choregrapher.

Rosero McCoy is new member already making a mark. A master choreographer (video, television, film), a beast of a dancer for modern times, singer, and great colleague - salute Rosero!! Happy Birthday!!

Check out his hot new KeKe Palmer video "The Plug" Fresh Friday via her Official Facebook: Here.

Jody Watley Brings Shalamar To The Honda Center Anaheim

Shalamar and Jody Watley in the house! Honda Center Anaheim showing them how it's done.

The ever stylish trio Shalamar® new and reloaded with Nate Smith, original and Pop R&B icon in her own right Jody Watley, along with Rosero McCoy. Honda Center Anaheim.

It was truly a night to remember in Anaheim on November 14, 2015 at The Honda Center. In front of an estimated 12,000 Super Freestyle Explosion fans, midway through an uptempo abbreviated set, the fans got a treat as Nate Smith and Rosero McCoy were introduced by Watley making this collective so hot. Energetic performances of "Make The Move" and "A Night To Remember" were preceded by a collection of Jody Watley solo classics to the delight of the crowd. The new members then showed off their dancing chops joining a cast of dancers including 3 little ones on the fashion walk and pose "Real Love" finale.

Jody Watley Responds To False Allegations and Slander in Powerful Essay

Jody Watley. Photography Albert Sanchez

Jody Watley, never one to bite her tongue responds to false allegations and harassment in a powerful blog in response to former Shalamar colleague Howard Hewett and on air morning show personality Tom Joyner.

Watley continues to be reluctant to be drawn into drama manufactured by others, but had to speak out to this.

The line was drawn with the latest round of false allegations designed to undermine her legal trademark rights and success with launching the new Shalamar, as well attempts to damage her reputation. In a poignant essay Watley recalls being bullied as a child, and recalls how she was raised to have self-worth and value. She talks about misuse of her likeness and potential damages as a result a catalyst which led her to look deeper into the trademark before applying to the USPTO under legal advisement. Nothing illegal whatsoever, more like sour grapes from others.

Read the powerful essay:  "Just Living My Life"

Shalamar Reloaded on UrbanBridgez.

Check this one out from the venerable music blog and website : Here

And then watch the new Official SlowDance video - over and over!

Shalamar Reloaded Reveal Hot Dance Remix of SlowDance.

Celebrating a great round of concerts in Washington D.C. (a return since The Howard Theatre concert in June 2015) and Annapolis, MD, Jody Watley uploaded the hot new dance remix to Soundcloud. Details to come on when it will be commercially available.

LISTEN NOW! SLOWDANCE (JAMIE DE VON REMIX) - Peace Bisquit / Avitone / Spectra Music Group:

Shalamar and Jody Watley Snapshots. Blues Alley and Ramshead

Rosero McCoy. Jody Watley. Nate Smith. Shalamar®  -Reloaded. Blues Alley 2015

Rosero McCoy, Jody Watley and Nate Allen Smith check out 007 "Spectre"

Shalamar's style icon Jody Watley.

Nate Allen Smith strikes a classic pose at Blues Alley. Photo by Rosero McCoy. Shalamar® sexier than ever.

Rosero McCoy displays his flair for personal style. Shalamar®

It was a trip to remember for Nate, Jody and Rosero. Blues Alley was celebrating 50 years as one of America's longstanding first class music venues. It was a bit of a first to have the pop, disco, r&b dance experience as the fans and staff alike got in the groove. This trip also saw the group get together to take in a movie together exemplifying their natural camaraderie,

Here are a couple of recaps from those in attendance pulled from the Official Shalamar Facebook Page:

""Shalamar takes the Blues Alley to Church" The number "Second Time Around" concludes and the music goes mellow, the ever so reflective Watley says ".....was written when I was a girl it meant something then and now it means something else.. the audience knew it was none other than "Full of Fire" stripped down for good measure. ‪#‎Applause‬. Always communicating with the band, Nate and Rosero, Jody finishes the first verse and asks Nate to sing it on! Rosero brings something new to the group almost in the vein of Barry White, more on that later. Jody asks him to "Talk" about love, everyone listens...Watley then asks the audience to reflect on the things going in this crazy world and if they are happy about being in the present to shout it out, of course we all do what Watley! Then the audience is asked to sing the refrain (Its all about love..) acapella...goosebumps... If that was the only song they performed then it would be alright because the song had such a whole new powerful meaning in that moment, "Its all about love..." ‪#‎BurnItUp‬."  - Dotun Illuyomade

"Thanks kindly for the great performance last night. The new Shalamar brings energy to the stage with the one and only Jody Watley.
We saw her in a small intimate venue called Rams Head On Stage in Annapolis, MD, which was nice because it allowed for her to come off the stage and be up front and personal with her fans.
The two cats sang and danced their hearts out; what a good combination.
We are sorry the flowers didn't get delivered prior to the show and I'm glad Ms. Watley was close enough to me to ask or else we would not have known. Therefore, right after the show we sought out her flowers and saw to it that she received them.
If you get an op t see this show take it. Thanks kindly for taking me and my husband back to the good ole days but with brininging us current with your new music which is fantastic.
Much success to Jody Watley and Shalamar!!
Peace and love until we see you next time, "  -- Cliff and Juanita Cage Lewis

Shalamar Reloaded and Jody Watley Visit Radio One's Majic 102.3 with John Monds.

Nate Smith, Rosero McCoy, Jody Watley - Shalamar® and John Monds.
Via Instgram, Nate Allen Smith. Shalamar.

Nate Smith, Jody Watley and Rosero McCoy - Shalamar In studio guests at Majic 102.3 with John Monds

Shalamar and Jody Watley in town for weekend concerts in Washington D.C. at the legendary venue Blues Alley got to sit down on air for an extended interview with veteran on air personality John Monds' for his evening nationally syndicated show "Love and R&B." The group kept things upbeat and positive as always.
The current single 'SlowDance' got a spin.

Shalamar and Jody Watley. Spins and Blends Ramshead Onstage Review.

Shalamar® and Jody Watley. Ramshead OnStage. Promotional.

Shalamar® Live Onstage at Ramshead, Annapolis. MD.

Jody Watley, and the reloaded Shalamar took to the stage in Annapolis, Maryland to a packed house of excited music fans. Once again, popular local DJ Lisa Moody got the mood just right spinning classic club grooves. Spins and Blends was in the house, check out what they had to say: Here