SHALAMAR Friends The Soul Sound of 1982

"Moonwalking it's way into UK hearts, Friends was the soul sound of 1982…To promote it, backing vocalist and dancer Jeffrey Daniel appeared alone on Top of The Pops. His performance was to prove jaw-dropping for that generation..Thanks to Daniel, completed by Jody Watley and Howard Hewett - Shalamar was hot…" Read the full review: BBC

"Friends" was reissued in 2013 by Big Break Records, order from

SHALAMAR | Tossin' Turnin' Swingin'

The most dance oriented incarnation of Shalamar included Brown, Watley and Daniel. To view click the link:

SHALAMAR with Positive Vibes

Jeffrey Daniel, Jody Watley, Gerald Brown in 1978

Shalamar became a real group with the addition of Gerald Brown for the 'Shalamar Disco Gardens' album. Mumford
had been primarily a studio singer with the first Shalamar album "Uptown Festival" being recorded by session singers.
Watley and Daniel were brought in by Don Cornelius recognizing his Shalamar concept for Soul Train Records would need charisma and marketable personalities according to archived interviews. Because of the popularity, already recognizable from the Soul Train television show and potential marketability of the dancing duo; Cornelius recalled it made perfect sense. Gerald Brown was taken from the singing group "The Soul Train Gang", the first act signed to Soul Train Records and added to Shalamar. Brown would depart after one album due to a contractual financial dispute, once the label was turned to Solar Records  and taken over by Dick Griffey.