Shalamar Reloaded Tease New Song In The Mood

I was getting my Shalamar Reloaded fix on and saw they all posted on their Instagram a recording a session that went down this weekend. The sound is much different from their just released "" single and video. this sounds like it's going to be sexy but still dance. Keep it coming Shalamar Reloaded. Miss Jody is serving some summer highlights she hasn't rocked since her "Flower" album days. I can look at this photo for hours. The men of Shalamar Reloaded, Yass Miss Jody you're a smart woman.

In my feelings in a good way, yes Nate in the mood! #ShalamarReloaded here for you

The ClapBack Track of the Summer on Eurweb

Walk it out! Hottie Nate Smith, Miss Jody Watley and Rosero dope ass TopHatRo

Interesting take on the new jam by Miss Jody and Shalamar Reloaded. The thing I see is most chatter is like it's just the clap back from Jody and over looking the verses from Nate Allen Smith and Rosero. Keep the jaws wagging y'all. The tea is also that the other three who brag about being together for 15years have suddenly rushed into the studio when they need to have a stadium of seats because I can't see anyone checking for it. Howard Hewett couldn't even get his solo career off the ground and the public showed no interest when he took Shalamar over after running off the original members Jeffrey Mr. Soul Train and Jody.

Sips tea::

Howard Hewett and Shalamar Friends Flop in Concord

After weeks of "California Here We Come " Get Ready" the trio of Howard Hewett, Jeffrey Daniel and Carolyn Griffey billed as "Shalamar" made it to Concord, CA appearing at the KBLX Stone Soul 2016. It was a curious choice. They went with ole boy Hewett who has not one big hit other than a gospel "Say Amen" with Jeffrey who we haven't see since he was a backing dancer for Michael Jackson and the Jody Watley on steroids wanna be who goes as "baby girl" but gives you Jack Lalanne in his 90's with a  bad wig and and enough wrinkles to make a road map from here to eternity. Why not Jody Watley who has a ton of her own hits and the hot hot Shalamar Reloaded?

I don't know the trademark law, it's not my wheelhouse but it judging from basics, it had to be infrigement to Jody Watley and a heap of old school shade from her former group mates and the old label head who says "Shalamar belongs to me". Anywho, in the shade of it all and the zeal to show Miss Jody a thing a two Karma kameloen had something else in mind. Pearls were clutched when Shalamar Reloaded tipped the teacup up by making it clear it was not the Watley group laying dying onstage up in Concord. Jeffrey Daniel doing a 'struggle moonwalk"  Chyle, guess those old blokes in the Uk don't know a good show and accept any ole nostalgia thang!