Carolyn Griffey Loser In Shalamar Trademark Challenge

The  USA government trademark and patent office snatched the wig and edges of Carolyn Griffey the Jody Watley wanna be who started flexing muscles posting taunts and threats for all Shalamar and Jody fans to see all across the web with her her besties Vijay Bhucar, Howard Hewitt, Jeffrey Daniels  "Shalamar" gang. The Griffey girl said she was "fighting for the truth" in her initiated "trademark wars"  and baby the truth was told, Miss Thing had no papers, no last will and testament from Death Rows Dick Griffey like old boy Hewitt went on shady ass Tom Joyner show bragging about.

Griffey, Hewett and Jeffrey Daniels also dropped a diss single called "The Real Thing" as if they was "the real Shalamar"  singing about a they got a brand name *rolls eyes* at the collective shade. Black grandmas and pops,aunties and uncles, old schoolers far and wide know darn well there was many Shalamars but the one with the hits that my Grannie will always hold dear is Jody, Jeffrey and Howard. My Grannie put me on them and other old school acts, I love me some Teddy Pendergrass and Al Green when I was coming up and we was at her house on the weekends.
I stans hard for the catwalk music queen Jody Watley since her petticoats and ankles boots rocker soul style girl turned me out. Jody made it cool to be different while my azz was navigating the mean streets of Compton. We all wanted to be and dress like Jody but dance like Janet and Michael on them steps like drill team.

Carolyn Griffey or Baldwin or whatever her  real name is files had nothing but Google Images, Youtube screen-saves and statements from some people that was on the old and gone Solar label hear-say according to the public records. I was surprised to read that Carolyn chick try to say Jody was never really in Shalamar just a singer for hire or something like that, say what now? The bish had her challenge terminated and dismissed.

Chile I'm happy for Miss Jody that she won the so called one sided "war" against her while none of us knew this was still going on for so long *sips a quiet tea*
Meanwhile, the Griffey step-daughter (what kind of ghetto ratchet mess is it when you not even the biological child and the daddy supposedly left it all to the step child not the wife or biollogical ones?) Gurl bye, no receipts. Carolyn Griffey will still be looking for her papers while Geraldo is still trying the find the body of Jimmy Hoffa.

Since the four years Miss Jody has renamed her group Jody Watley featuring SRL and dropped Shalamar Reloaded. Jody Watley featuring SRL with that fine azz Nate Allen Smith and hottie Roserio McCoy currently have a  big hit over in Britain called "The Mood" while the Queen of Cool has a jazz hit on her hands on the Bob Marley song "Waiting In Vain."

Miss Jody mic drop statement but all she really had to say was "God don't like ugly." Go head Miss Jody!!

Jody Watley and Shalamar Reloaded aka SRL Get Ready for Spring Summer Tour Dates

Catch my girl Miss Jody Watley and her delicious new group SRL (Shalamar Reloaded) coming to a city near you in the states.

They're going back to BB Kings also for the third or fourth time too.

Long Beach Pride for the kidz May 21
Chicago The Promontory  May 25
Niagra Falls Bears Den May 27
New York City BB Kings May 27
June 4 Detroit Motor City Casino Hotel (Grand Prix)
July 8 Alameda California State Fair
July 22 The Greek Theater Los Angeles Freestyle Fest
August Atlanta Fox Theatre opening for Peabo Bryson and Stephanie Mills
 visit their websites and for more information and dates

Jody Watley Releases New Video for Sanctuary

Miss Jody in addition to her SRL ventures is still adding to her solo resume of nu soul music.
I'm here for all of it because this woman never disappoints. This video really tugs at the heart strings and made me want to upgrade my usual Glade candles and home decor for my spot!Sanctuary, as a song. I've been on since Paradise came out and I scooped up the EP when it came out, the original mix is a nice touch but it's all about this Soulpersona joint. Thank you Miss Jody Diva for the ongoing inspiration.

False Ads Still Plague Jody Watley in UK

False ad, bait and switch, the first with old photo with Jody and then the other with Griffey as if they are the same. So shady
We all know the tea that Mis Jody Watley secured the Shalamar trademark several years back, to get some control over the shady misuse of her likeness in the form of old photo's and video to help bamboozle old british fans clueless in drinking the ale of nostalgia and promoters and the goon squad of Hewett, Daniels and Griffey to make an extra dollar. Welp it seems like they are still at their old tricks while Miss Jody has seemingly decided to let it be. From an outsider the other three (Griffey who challenged Watley's registration and the USPTO still lists as pending, Jeffrey Daniels and Howard Hewett come off as desperate and bitter af. If you ever want to waste time, just listen to one of their interviews that they started doing after Jody's registration and how she's been marketing her new group. Shalamar Reloaded (which Miss Jody apparently registered as a name) after the growing popularity because us fans definitely know who's who in this group Hey Nate and Rosero! While Daniels is still trying to ride the wave of a forgotten dance move that Mister Jackson won an Emmy for over 30 years ago with some mega watt hits to back them up; and let's not forget my Aunt Terri's favorite group as a kid the Jackson 5.

I've also noticed the dragging of Jody in their interviews. Jeffrey Daniel saying "Oh, Jody saw what Howard and I were doing and decided to start her own Shalamar. She's suing us.." Where's the receipts? Jeffrey has also shaded Jody by stating "..Jody had a career." While the diva continues to tour and release quality choons and that clown is just dick riding Michael, Howard and the cross Griffey bosses daughter who collects her percentage. Jody's receipts, Open Letter

Just read Jody's Open Letter and back track to the trademark, she never planned to start a group but since the trademark called for it. to her credit the diva has always been up front in marketing her group, and invested her coins in new music and videos. The Daniels dude, with his fake accent and constant namedropping of being the teacher to Michael Jackson (since his death) is as believable as Steve Harvey's mustache. They all reak sour grapes on Jody.

Old photo's with Jody Watley

The thirst is real

Now in a new twist Howard Hewett and Carolyn Griffey are ditching Jeffrey Daniel for Micki Free for a concert in Detroit at Chene Park in August. These hoes ain't loyal. The shade of it all. We also peeped that some configuaration of them will be releasing a single in October while they go trying to recapture the glory years of the Friends album, labeled their biggest tour yet while making sure to throw shade on Jody in the bio..and by the way when did Shalamar sell 25 million albums? Trump fake facts ya heard. People will beleive anything these days.

Using an old video, bait and switch. Caroyln Griffety in not Miss Jody and they keep talking about how great they are for the past 15 years, but keep going back to old ish with my girl peep the A Night to Remember video
Yet and still Miss Jody is the one who usually gets dragged by bitter old fans and old disco disco deejays. I got blocked on Facebook for pointing out some of this.

Meanwhile Jody and her SRL are gearing up for their summer concert tour and a new album called "Bridges."
Photo from SRL instagram page officialsrl

This is a show!

Shalamar Reloaded Top Year End Charts Number One

New Year Toodles to fans  Shalamar Reloaded and the one and only chick that laid the template for any girl who ever wanted to be fly my gurl Miss Jody Watley.

Her new group Shalamar Reloaded or as they now like to be called "SRL" ended up on a couple of year end music charts while some of the old schoolers are still talking about cassettes 8 tracks and shade.

PopTastic Confessions:
The Mood

DA Professor's Lounge
The Mood Video and Jody Watley "DANCER"

I for one can't wait til they drop Bridges this year and hear more of Nate or at least just give me some sexy pictures so I can screensave on my phone, just leaving that one right here.

Jody Watley and Shalamar Reloaded Drop New Hot Video The Mood

Let me just say Miss Jody Watley is doing the damn thing with Shalamar Reloaded the vision and execution is like watching a masterclass of fierce savvy bad bitch for real! This new video had me wanting to find my boo, take a shower, take a vacation to Hawaii, buy new bundles with inches, wear zebra, buy a boat..all of it!

The video is on point, but I wouldn't expect any less from one of MTV's most nominated divas with Rosero who was all over America's Best Dance Crew production and so it makes sense he's working the direction for SRL not to mention the heat he's bringing to another Chicago born multitalented artist that wild ghetto fabulous Keke Palmer.

The song is fiyah, my only complaint is Nate Smith not being in that shower scene or least  half-naked on the bed too! A girl can dream.

Jody Watley Calls Out Howard Hewett, Jeffrey Daniel and Unsung on Lies

Miss Jody Watley had time for it all. Never known to be one from shying away from speaking her mind, she did that and more in response to the recent airing of the Howard Hewett Unsung episode. They tried it with the shade on Miss Jody again and she was not here for it with no fuks given came for all the scalps and edges with a mack load of receipts.

My mouth is still on the floor soaking up all the tea she brought including the recent friendly email exchanges with Howard and Jeffrey but yet The one they call "The Voice" has been on airwaves plugging airtime using it to bash Jody and the flat out lie as if they never talked. That Dick Griffey man saying to Howard "Your vacation is finished, you'll sing what I tell you, when I tell you and with who, and my daughter will fly business class" I was gagging while reading the Griffey dude demand the only woman they could sing with in Shalamar since 2001 was his daughter. While him and Jeffrey do the struggle backslide to coach and still follows orders long after ole boy is six feet under! Chyle Howard and Jeffrey's balls got chopped off with a jagged knife.

It didn't stop there, she took all of us back to the 90's and the whole she won't do a reunion with us mess and took time to show how she was being harrassed by bitter fans who blindly take Hewett's mouth as a prayer book. Whoe knew they did a song together and was negotiating for an album?!! Back up old school heads, Miss Jody Watley is about the business and not here for the foolishness. She also reminded everyone why she is who she is, not Unsung, not bitter, not mad. The same crooner who let some chick do his time by saying I do needs to get over it and that dancer dude still jocking Mike's nuts over the "moonwalk." Note to him, Michael won the Emmy in 1983 for the Motown 25th,  let it go boo boo.

Those geeezers need to give it up and just keep on giving their coins to the wanna be, who will never be Jody. Them Brits are guillible af how they was pulling that fake shit off before Jody got the trademark and pulled them thirsty garden tools out of the closet. Some people will do anything for a busted penny. Them fools could have done what Jody did, research that shit instead they went for the kool-aid.

The shade of this picture it's deniable though Jody is still that chick, she put them all on blast

Jody Watley Open Letter  Sip the  TEA