SHALAMAR Light up The Holiday Season for Today's Throwback Thursday Christmas Edition

The classic and most popular lineup of SHALAMAR ™ 

January 1980

(page 30)
Shalamar and I just keep running into each other. Jeffrey Daniel spent a whole morning in my office recently and Jody and Howard, and I attend a lot of the same social functions, so during all of our socializing we made plans to do a cover story.
A few days later, following a long photo session (as you know we strive for perfection), it's time for the interview at Solar Records. As usual, pretty Jody is the first to appear. "Is it always this way?" I ask, "Yes, usually" she admits in her quiet manner.
Just then Jeffrey walks in the door asking for Howard. Howard is usually the second to show up for appointments so Jeffrey was surprised not to find him there. "But I'm not always late" he protests.
"Yes, you are," I tell him. "Why?' "Well because my legs are the longest and it takes more time for me to get in and out of cars," he quickly makes up an excuse.
"He's so hyperactive it seems he'd be here early, Jody remarks.
"No, the reason why is I do so many things in one day," he explains. "That's what it is, I try to cram in a lot of things."
"I do too," Jody kids him."No today, I went to Pasadena and back put film in the shop to be developed, and…" his voice trailed off as Jody merrily bursts into laughter.
"Have you a new source of transportation now that you're more successful?" I ask him.
"Yep, a new skateboard. I always have ridden skateboards, unicycles and skates. I don't go out that much anymore, but I used to skateboard down Hollywood Boulevard. I'd take my skateboard with me to the movies and lay it across the armrests so I could use it to hold my refreshments. I have memberships to skateboard parks and used o go riding all the time. On the streets I get recognized, so I can't do it as much."
I kept hearing noise outside the doorway and felt I recognized the voices. Leon Sylvers peeped his head in to say hello through the doorway. William Shelby of Dynasty was somewhere around, and I later met Reggie Calloway of Midnight Star. Linda Carriere of Dynasty called on the phone and photos of of The Sylvers, Lakeside, and Carrie Lucas hang on the walls, I was excited to be within the record company, as all their artists have been to visit me at Right On!
It reminded me to tell Jeffrey how much everyone at our offices enjoyed having him visit one morning. "You probably created a good impression because you brought me flowers. That's a sign of good manners." I tease him.
"I'll tell you why I brought them," he says. "I know why you brought them; you don't want me to be angry with you for anything."
"That's not why," Jeffrey protests. "It was because that was my first invitation to come talk to you at your office. I was very happy to come." "Why?" "For the same reason you're enjoying your visit at Solar. I have always

(page 31)
liked reading Right On! ever since I used to dance on Soul Train. Shalamar's been around the world and has gold records, but visiting Right On! was even more special to me."
"Me too," Jody chimes in. "I have all the old Right On!'s to prove I care. I entered the Miss Right On! contest when I was in 8th grade." "Don't use the old picture," warns latecomer Howard. "We don't want to shock anyone," he laughs. "I guess I take Right On! for granted," I surmise. "That's because you're there everyday," they chorus. "You can't see the forest for the trees," Howard adds.
"Who is the go between when the group has arguments," I wonder. "We don't have arguments," Jeffrey explains affectionately at his two favorite people. "Majority always rules. Like sometimes if I want to wear my hair one way and they want it another way, I have to go along with them. That happened with the photo session for the 'Friends' album which will come out in January," "What did you want to do?" Jody starts laughing, Jeffrey seriously says, "I have been wearing my hair sort of in dreadlocks except they didn't really dread. As you see,

(page 32)
it's like that now, I only combed it for the photo session." "but your hair wasn't even combed when you first arrived; it was braided. I was so afraid to ask you to unbraid it that I didn't know what to do," I confessed. Jody chuckles with me sympathetically having been through this before."
"Oh well, I just came in from the airport; I ha been back home to attend a wedding in Michigan for Shalamar's drummer and that's why it was like that." Jeffrey says.
"Jody, were you the main objector to the way he wanted to wear his hair?" "Yes, well, no." "It was majority rules," Jeffrey hastens to add. "Do you get hurt feelings, Jeffrey?" I ask him. "Sometimes. If you believe in something…" "We all go through that," Jody says. "Jody takes it the hardest. If it's choreography or whatever, and Howard and I don't want to go for it, she'll pout for a second. She'll get quiet on us," Jeffrey smiles at his dance partner.
"She seems so reasonable," I say glancing at the 21 year old female lead vocalist. "She usually is," Jeffrey agrees. "Reasonable?" Howard questions. "Huh!" "Yes, she pouts," Jeffrey went on. "But Howard and I knock her out of it."
"Usually the three of us think along the same lines," Howard mentions. "When we first got together, it was a meant to be situation. Jeffrey and I being the two male elements of the group had to feel each other out at first, but everything worked out." "Yeah, I got tired of him beating me up," Jeffrey laughs.
"Jeffrey," I remind him. "Remember the time we talked about your feelings on being original? Why don't you go into more details for the readers."
"Oh, yes, look at me now." The two-thirds of Shalamar look him over from head to toe. He's wearing jeans, a sweatshirt and an odd looking cap. "I like anything that's odd and interesting; I don't wear designer clothing. You know what? That's why I dance the way I do. I don't like to do anything anyone else does. It would hurt me to dance one way throughout a whole song. It would give me a pain in my chest."
"Are you doing anything new with your dancing these days?" "Yep" "It's getting worse" Jody murmurs innocently.
"That's cold" Howard exclaims. "I'm trying to stretch out; I don't want to do the same things I've been doing. I create a lot of new steps in discos, that have nice sized dance floors. "Speaking of dancing, do you ever visit Soul Train?" "Yes, we all go down there," says Jeffrey who seldom misses a taping if he can help it." "How does Don Cornelius treat you now that you're all famous?" "Same as always." He lowers his voice perfectly matching Don's. "Hey, Jeff" Jody chuckles delightedly.
"What did you with the photo I gave you of the two of you onstage at Soul Train?" "It's hanging up on display. After all if it weren't for Don, there'd be no Shalamar. It brought me out of Grand Rapids, Michigan. This sounds awful, but I quit high school so I could get to Los Angeles to be on Soul Train, Don Cornelius and Dick Griffey put together Soul Train Records, and through that company Shalamar was formed. I have a lot of respect for Don and Dick because they're two successful black businessmen. They know a lot."
The two other Shalamar members bob their heads in agreement. I look at Howard a little more closely, noticing how much he's changed since joining the group. "That's what everyone says; I don't know why." Howard explains, his shirt unbuttoned exposing a sexy hairy chest. "The boy's got some money in his pocket!" Jeffrey teases.
"I remember the first time I came to Right On! for a photo session. I wasn't even ready for it," he shakes his head remembering how he looked. "I remember my wife Rainy was pregnant at the time." "That's the baby I see all the time now?" I exclaim in amazement.
"She's not a baby anymore -- that was at least two and a half years ago. Now, I have another little girl, little Rainy Daze, who is 6 months old. I wasn't able to be at the hospital for her birth since we were on tour, but I helped deliver my first. She was born in 36 minutes. Four or five years later I'd like to have a boy." "Does your wife travel with you?" "She and my older daughter like it. They hang pretty tough." "Does your wife get lonely and expect a call every night when you're apart?"
The happily married man's eyes crinkle with laughter as he reveals, "Let's out it this way. She gets a call every night."
"How does it feel to have so many fans in love with you after your gold album "Three For Love?"
Howard says "It feels good, I praise the Lord for it. If they weren't running after us, something would be wrong."
"Did the songs give your fans romantic ideas about you?" "You should read some of the fan mail. The part I wrote in "For The Lover In You" was dedicated to all the lovers out there, my wife in particular.
"Hey, enough of that," Jeffrey broke in. "The theme of this issue is Christmas, remember?" We can't forget what we're here for." I ask Jeffrey if he likes celebrating Christmas. "Yeah" "I'll bet you like getting presents" "No," he contradicts me. "I like giving presents, I break myself financially. I like to surprise people and make them happy. Jody and I always used to bring the Soul Train dancers together for the holidays and cook for them. This Christmas I think I'll be at Jody's new house raiding the refrigerator since she says she'll be cooking a lot." "You know what? I'd like to see how many people would enjoy Christmas if they didn't get presents. It's so crazy, Christmas is supposed to be the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. What does it matter if we get presents or not; it's not our birthday." Jody agrees. "We shouldn't wait for a holiday to come up to express love and show people we appreciate them. That's how we were taught in our household anyway."
Howard concludes, "We have a special message to give to our fans this season. First of all, they're not going to be called fans anymore; they've supported us to the point that we now consider them our friends. We want to remain friends with them.
And what better people to spend your holiday season with than your friends?

Jeffrey Daniel. Jody Watley, Howard Hewett in 1980

Shalamar Supersoul Sunday Song of The Day

Check out this slow jam "Let's Find The Time For Love" from 1979 featuring that is referred to often as the classic lineup with a teenaged original member Jody Watley, along with Jeffrey Daniel. The two were once dance partners on the iconic television show Soul Train. They were joined for the third SHALAMAR album by vocalist Howard Hewett.

SHALAMAR ™ with Jody Watley Set To Bring Nightlife to Disco Thursday Series

GRAMMY ™ Winning Recording Artist and Original SHALAMAR ™ member Jody Watley Photography  by Albert Sanchez

February 19, 2015 mark your calendars as Jody Watley and the new rebranded SHALAMAR ™ come to Harrah's for the Disco Thursday Night Series. Inspired by the recent hit single 'NIGHTLIFE' fans will experience the high energy evening of classic hits including Take That To The Bank' and 'A Night To Remember' peppered with precision choreography and style segueing into the hit packed solo repertoire including 'Looking For A New Love' 'Don't You Want Me' and beyond. Get your tickets today: Ticketmaster

SHALAMAR ™ with Jody Watley Added to Let's Rock London Concert

Save the date, as the revitalized SHALAMAR ™ with Jody Watley  bring the heat to London this summer for the massive Let's Rock London Festival June 27, 2015 Queen Olympic Park. Get your tickets now, you don't want to miss this:

Jody Watley and Shalamar Upcoming Concerts and Tower Theater Review

Taking the stage November 12, 2014 for a "Night of Timeless R&B" first up was Mic Murphy and The System who got the crowd hyped with classic grooves including "Don't Disturb This Groove" never missing a beat to the delighted crowd. Lillo Thomas was up next giving the ladies what they wanted with a soulful set that included the hit "You're A Good Girl." From the first chord Jody Watley opened her set with high energy style and pizzzaz that kept the crowd on their feet with choice cuts from SHALAMAR ™ and her own solo hit packed repertoire. Along the the party were vocalist Paul Micael who brought a youthful charm to the stage, dancers Rosero McCoy, Eric McCoy and John 'Havic' Gregory and a tight as a drum rhythm section. The set list included classics like "Take That To The Bank" given subtle house groove update; " Right In The Socket", "A Night To Remember", "Looking For A New Love", "Don't You Want Me" and more.

Up next to close out 2014 - Cache Creek Resort and Casino 11/29/2014, Tokyo Billboard Live 12/28/2014, Osaka Billboad Live 12/30-31.
Jody Watley Photo Collage  Courtesy of Brian Walmer

Remembering Dick Griffey Founder of SOLAR Records

Co-founder of Soul Train Records with Don Cornelius and founder of SOLAR Records Dick Griffey born on this date November 16 in 1938 (passing away in 2010, Sept. 24)

Jeffrey Daniel Throwback Thursday Fan Sketch

Susy wrote she was a fan of SHALAMAR especially Jeffrey Daniel in 1983.

Before the internet, teen music fans used to be pen pals and connect through writing in to pop music magazines. This fan sketching of original member and former Soul Train dancer was looking to make friends with boys that like to dance and do the robot, a popular street dance move back then. 

Source: No1 Magazine, United Kingdom August 1983

Shalamar Supersoul Sunday Song Of The Day

This is from the last album from the classic lineup of Howard Hewett, Jody Watley and Jeffrey Daniel. A masterclass balladeer performance from Hewett, with signature SHALAMAR ™ harmonies to finish it off. Written by Gamboa, Hewett, Sylvers, produced by Leon Sylvers III

SHALAMAR 1996 Reunion of The Classic 3 Lineup

The lineup of originals Jeffrey Daniel and Jody Watley and Howard Hewett reunited in 1996 by mega producer artist BabyFace with his remake of one of their classic hits "This is For The Lover In You." His remake also included rapper/actor LL Cool J. The single peaked at #17 in 1980 for SHALAMAR ™.  The BabyFace remake from the album "The Day" would become a Top 10 Pop Hit on Billboard at #6 and #2 Hot R&B. The single also reached #12 in the UK.

SHALAMAR ™ with Daniel, Watley and Hewett appeared in a splashy video directed by Hype Williams. They would also reunite for an appearance for a taping of British television show "Top Of The Pops" In 2014, the lineup agreed to reunite for an appearance on the BET Awards as surprise performers but the performance was riddled with creative differences ultimately derailing the performance.

Friday Flashback - Former Shalamar Label Solar Records Legal Woes

SOLAR Records in it's heyday, 1980. SHALAMAR ™
was one the labels premiere acts.

SHALAMAR ™ Howard Hewett, Jody Watley, Jeffrey Daniel  Bankable with hits in 1982

The former label of  SHALAMAR ™ was Solar Records, at one time one of the hottest small labels in the business began to unravel in 1986. Ultimately sold to EMI in 1995,  This Los Angeles Times article gives an insight on bad deals, the eviction of label founder Dick Griffey from office building, lawsuits and disputes with Griffey and accusations regarding the major label distribution system. Griffey would later go on to be involved with Death Row Records' and Suge Knight.

The Solar Catalog (Whispers, Shalamar, Dynasty, Lakeside, Carrie Lucas, et al) is now owned by Unidisc Music and other companies worldwide after changing many hands. The music legacy lives on long after the lawsuits, evictions and bad deals.

Read the Los Angeles Times article: Here

Musical Quote of the Day from Giorgio Moroder

Disco music has had it's backlash but has rebounded in many forms of dance music still packing dance floors around the world including the resurgence of the modern disco house. No question about it people will always love to to dance.

Tuesday Trivia with Shalamar of 1980

Jeffrey Daniel, Jody Watley, Howard Hewett - Photo via Getty Images /Michael Ochs

#TuesdayTrivia  #Shalamar "The Second Time Around" The song is the first single from the album, Big Fun featuring the lineup of Jody Watley, Jeffrey Daniel and Howard Hewett . The single went to number 1 on the soul chart and was Shalamar's most successful hit on the Hot 100 pop chart, reaching number eight in early 1980 "The Second Time Around" also went to Number 1 on the Disco/Dance chart in January 1980. The song was produced by Leon Sylvers III, who cowrote the song with William Shelby.

In 1980, the band made a promotion of "The Second Time Around" for the radio station KJR in Seattle, called "The Sonics Came to Play," dedicated to the Seattle SuperSonics who had won the NBA Championship the previous year.

Supersoul Sunday with Former Shalamar Lead Sydney Justin

Another of the male lead vocalists was Sydney Justin (1985-1991); recording albums (Circumstantial Evidence, Wake Up, the 10th for the music group with many changes) on Solar Records that folded in 1995. Justin was former cornerback for the Los Angeles Rams and Indianapolis Colts and is currently the lead vocalist for The Miracles  (The Sound of The Miracles).

SuperSoulSunday Shalamar of 1982 Makes You Feel Good

Shalamar of 1982 with Howard Hewett, Jody Watley and Jeffrey Daniel make you feel good, from "Friends" album.

SHALAMAR A Night To Remember In Heavy Rotation on OWN

Shalamar ™ classic hit "A Night To Remember" featuring the classic lineup of Jeffrey Daniel, Jody Watley and Howard Hewett  is in heavy rotation of the OWN, Oprah Winfrey Network as the soundtrack to the upcoming season. This song never gets old.

Shalamar Taking It To The Beginning

Original member Jeffrey Daniel and Jody Watley with session singer Gary Mumford "Uptown Festival" , 1977

There have many many lineups for  music group Shalamar ™ beginning in 1977, pictured are the first incarnation. 

Don Cornelius formed Soul Train Records along with Dick Griffey (eventual owner and found of Solar Records). The medley of Motown songs "Uptown Festival" quickly became a disco hit, had been recorded by Mumford and other session singers. The single was produced by Simon Soussan. Needing a fast solution to help promote the single and give Shalamar an instant identity Cornelius handpicked popular Soul Train dancers from the iconic show.  JET Magazine in 1980 "Jeffrey and Jody Watley used to be dance partners..when word trickled down in 1977 that Cornelius and producer Dick Griffey wanted to for a vocal/dance group, the popular couple were natural choices. "Jeffrey and Jody were two of the most interesting people on the show," Cornelius reveals. "We thought they would fit in the image we wanted to create for Shalamar, It's just lucky they could sing." he laughs
Mumford wasn't in the lineup long and quickly departed after a few promotional appearances and one photo session.

Original Member and Grammy Winner Jody Watley Speaks on Acquiring Ownership of Shalamar Trademark

Vintage Shalamar Tourbook page, 1982

Jody Watley who once described having aspirations to become more involved in business, continues her entrepreneurial (record label and online boutique) path and discusses becoming legal owner of the Shalamar trademark in new interview with an eye on rejuvenating the brand to a new generation. Click  here to read the full interview.

Just Announced. SHALAMAR featuring Jody Watley Comes to Billboard Live Japan

Get your tickets for what will be a night to remember, come party!!

Shalamar ™  gets an infusion of youth taking it back to dance and vocals.

Tokyo Information  and Tickets

Osaka Information and Tickets

Shalamar featuring Jody Watley Comes to Cache Creek Casino

In the show & prove style that fans have admired for over three decades, the Grammy-winning hyphenate (singer / songwriter / producer / businesswoman / OG fashionista) one of music's enduring artists and style icons brings a rebooted Shalamar to the stage with maintaing the signature sound.  Shalamar was formed in 1977 as a vocal dance trio by Don Cornelius of the Soul Train television show and Dick Griffey. Shalamar shortly became a top group with soulful disco sounds. Inspired by her retro-futuristic new album Paradise, with her penchant for current sounds and underground club movements.With  classics like "Take That To The Bank", "A Night to Remember", "Second Time Around",  sprinkled with Watley's signature tunes including "Looking For A New Love" "Don't You Want Me", "Friends" along with recent global smash and ode to good times "Nightlife." Guaranteed to be 100% funky disco party and a true night to remember. 

SHALAMAR featuring JODY WATLEY comes to Cache Creek Casino November 29, 2014  :  Tickets

Remembering Former Shalamar Backing Vocalist Jermaine Stewart

Jody Watley with Jermaine Stewart onstage, 1982

Jermaine Stewart, Howard Hewett with first wife Rainey Hewett

Micki Free, Jody Watley, Jermaine Stewart in 1987

William "Jermaine" Stewart (Sept. 7, 1957 - March 17, 1997) pictured with Shalamar band and original member Jody Watley on tour in 1982. Jermaine Stewart also snagging backing vocals for the Culture Club hit "Miss Me Blind."

Jermaine Stewart performing "Friends" live on British television 1982 Jermaine Stewart performing one of his smash hit singles Jermaine Stewart performs and talks to Dick Clark with a Shalamar shout-out.

Shalamar Loves Disco

Shalamar was born out of the disco era in 1977 creating memorable hits in Soul R&B, Disco including "Take That To The Bank" "The Second Time Around" "A Night To Remember" "Uptown Festival"

SHALAMAR. Fan Drawing Classic 3

The classic 3 lineup of Jeffrey Daniel, Jody Watley and Howard Hewett fan created drawing 

SHALAMAR. Gets Verified

Shalamar Official Facebook Page Now Official and Verified. Like ShalamarOfficial: Here

Shalamar Celebrates The Nightlife

SHALAMAR  'NIGHTLIFE" Commemorative Single - featuring Jody Watley and Gerald Brown

Original members Jody Watley and Gerald Brown male and female lead voices of the classic disco "Take That To The Bank" reunited in 2013 for the single "Nightlife." The single went on to become a radio staple in the United Kingdom with the Soulpersona Classic Soul mix topping of at #5 Urban and took a turn on the Commercial Pop  at #6 (Music Week). 

In celebration of their reunion for "Nightlife" their disco roots and Shalamar; the single featuring Jody Watley and Gerald Brown is now re-released as and available at digital outlets around the world such as iTunes

SHALAMAR Jeffrey Daniel Covers Record Mirror Summer of 1983

Shalamar, Star Style Feature Record Mirror July 2, 1983 page 28 (half centerfold)

Shalamar, Star Style Feature Record Mirror July 2, 1983 page 29 (half centerfold) Jody Watley, Howard Hewett, Record Mirror page 

Jeffrey Daniel, Interview, page 30 Shalamar feature Record Mirror July 2, 1983

SHALAMAR Stylin' in 1983

Jeffrey Daniel, Jody Watley and Howard Hewett Stylin' for Record Mirror Magazine 1983

Jody Watley Shalamar Root Magazine Cover 1983

Post Shalamar split in July of 1983, Jody Watley covers British Magazine " Root " September 1983.

SHALAMAR Father's Day

Shalamar fathers (Top row): Gary Mumford, Jeffrey Daniel, Gerald Brown; Bottom row (Howard Hewett, Micki Free and Sydney Justin)  some are even grandfathers (Gary, Jeffrey, Gerald, Howard).

SHALAMAR Dead Giveaway Cover Art 1983

Jeffrey Daniel. Jody Watley and Howard Hewett. The summer 1983 single "Dead Giveaway." "Dead Giveaway" from the final album for this lineup "The Look" released July 1983. The single "Dead Giveaway" peaked #22 US Pop, #10 U.S R&B, #8 UK Pop written by (Dair, Gallo, Sylvers) Produced by Leon Sylvers III. The Look album and singles fared with greater success in the United Kingdom.  The B-side of "Dead Giveaway" was the ballad "I Don't Want To Be The Last To Know."

The departure of Watley and Daniel and Shalamar split in 1983 was a cover story for Great Britain's "Melody Maker"  where Jeffrey Daniel spoke at great length in an emotional interview at that time.

SHALAMAR Jeffrey Daniel Replacement Micki Free Style in 1984

Made infamous from a David Chappelle comedy skit; Jeffrey Daniel replacement Micki Free in 1984 styling' 

SHALAMAR Goes Searching for Jody Watley Replacement

Delisa Davis in 1984 Shalamar National Talent Search Winner

Actress Dawnn Lewis of famed U.S. American Television Show "A Different World" was a  finalist

Only the departure of original member and subsequent Pop/R&B Icon and Grammy winner generated a nationwide talent search other candidates included Jody Watley wanna-be Karyn White was also a contender and rumored participants also included Vanity, Maxi of Rick James Mary Jane Girls and other hopefuls. Karyn White went on to her own successful R&B career marrying Terry Lewis of  famed production team Jam and Lewis.