SHALAMAR | Star Style | Record Mirror UK 1983

Howard Hewett, Jody Watley, Jeffrey Daniel

SHALAMAR Over and Over Vinyl 12 Inch Single | Lyrics | Review

Shalamar with Howard Hewett, Jody Watley, Jeffrey Daniel
Shalamar with Howard  Hewett, Jody Watley, Jeffrey Daniel

Over and Over was released after the departure of Jeffrey Daniel and Jody watley.
#23 UK Pop
#26 US Soul

SHALAMAR Stand Out Style In Record Mirror 1982

Shalamar original members Jeffrey Daniel and Jody Watley along with Howard Hewett (third male lead vocalist to come into Shalamar),1982 Record Mirror (UK publication). Of many singing groups Shalamar not only had the hits, the perfect blend of pop/soul, Shalamar also had the dance moves with Daniel and Watley coming from the popular show Soul Train,they also had standout style that made them stand out from many groups of that time. Each member was distinct where many groups were anonymous.

SHALAMAR Having Big Fun With Hot Hits - JET Magazine 1980

Howard Hewett, Jody Watley, Jeffrey Daniel

SHALAMAR In Stage Costumes Promotional Photo 1979

Jeffrey Daniel, Jody Watley and Howard Hewett who became third male lead vocalist of the trio in 1979. Jody Watley was noted in Jet Magazine May 1, 1982 as being Choreographer and Costume Designer Wardrobe for Shalamar. "Fashion design is something the multi-talented Jody has had a taste for since childhood, and it may lead to her own boutique one day. "So this is kind of an outlet to use some of my ideas. I use the group as a guinea pig." She laughs. The experiments, though, seems to work, "If it lays, it stays," Jeffrey says, "and she's done a good job so far."
The dazzling choreography that has helped make the group such a popular stage attraction is also Jody's department."

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SHALAMAR Disco Gardens

Disco Gardens is the second album by American R&B group Shalamar, released in 1978 on the SOLAR label. It features the line-up of Gerald Brown, Jeffrey Daniel and Jody Watley, and was the only Shalamar album on which Brown appeared.
Disco Gardens was less successful than Shalamar's debut Uptown Festival, peaking at #52 on the R&B chart and #171 on the Billboard chart, although it is considered a superior recording to its predecessor, and contains early indications of what was to become the distinctive "SOLAR sound", most notably on the single release "Take That to the Bank".

SHALAMAR Receive Disco Award In Australia 1978

Shalamar's Gerald Brown and Jody Watley Accept Disco Award in Australia

SHALAMAR Catapults to Gold-Record Heights

Jeffrey Daniel, Jody Watley, Gerald Brown

SHALAMAR Promotional Black and White Photograph 1978

Jeffrey Daniel, Jody Watley, Gerald Brown

SHALAMAR On The Scene in 1978


Jeffrey DanielS, Jody Watley, Gerald Brown March/April 1978: On The Scene Magazine Cover Story.

"On The Scene" Magazine March/April 1978 article from cover story "Shalamar Out To Do It All" for second album "Shalamar Disco Gardens." The album went on to produce one of the groups biggest singles "Take That To The Bank."  

Excerpt: "Jeffrey Daniels, Jody Watley and Gerald Brown comprise Shalamar, an exciting new vocal/dance trio distributed by Solar Records, distributed by RCA Records. The world may best know Shalamar for "Uptown Festival," the avant garde disco hit that took the nation by storm.." "Now Shalamar welcomes you to "Shalamar's Disco Garden," an invigorating illumunious musical fantasyland of an LP that establishes this band as more than one hit wonders. And don't use the word disco too loosely here, for Shalamar offers the fluttering essence of contemporary music -- lively R&B/pop mixtures and sultry ballads." "Many may doubt Shalamar's musical credibility because of it's storybook beginnings. Nevertheless, what you see is but a small portion of what you get." "Personally", beams Jeffrey, " I'd would like to become an entertainment standard--one of those entertainers known for giving us a lifetime of showbiz..I'd like to develop my skills as a songwriter and musician. Shalamar will give me that chance." "Gerald would also like to further his experience in entertainment, for him Shalamar is the topping of a singing career that began at thirteen. Jody, probably the most business minded of the troupe dreams of a chic dress shop to open after her career is in full swing. Those things are in the future. Right now the musical threesome is eagerly looking forward to the thrills, spills, and excitement that come along with being a group as fresh, new and exciting as Shalamar"

SHALAMAR Take The Soul Train In 1978

Gerald Brown, Jody Watley, Jeffrey Daniel On stage at Soul Train Television Show. The group performed the hit single "Take  That To The Bank" and "Tossin', Turnin', Swingin" from the album "Shalamar Disco Gardens."

SHALAMAR Original Soul Train Records Ad : 1977

SHALAMAR Original Promotional Photo's 1977

the First Appearance on Soul Train as a Group, Jeffrey Daniel, Jody Watley, Gary Mumford Perform for Don Cornelius' Soul Train Records in 1977
Jeffrey Daniel, Jody Watley, Gary Mumford

Jeffrey Daniel, Jody Watley, Gary Mumford
Jeffrey Daniel, Gary Mumford, Jody Watley

SHALAMAR Cover of Black Enterprise July 1982

SHALAMAR, Howard Hewett, Jody Watley, Jeffrey Daniel July 1982 Top Seller for Solar Records. Excerpt: "Among the stable of acts is Shalamar, gold single "The Second Time Around" and then followed it up with recent smash "A Night To remember." With sales of 40.7 million, Ten Biggest Solar Sellers include Shalamar at #1 with 1.8 million, the company catapulted to eleventh place in the 1982 Black Enterprise List of Top 100 Black Owned Businesses. The only company ahead of Solar is Motown which has held the No. 1 spot since the Black Enterprise List began a decade ago." By Stephan Gale