2015 Highlight BB Kings New York Concert.

It was definitely a night to remember in Times Square. Nate Smith had a bit of pressure on him to have to be his first performance be in the Big Apple, where audiences can be unforgiving. He knocked it out of the park to a packed house..and the trio have never looked back only worked toward getting better going forward.

Shalamar Reloaded Make Cameo Appearance in Hot New Jody Watley

With artistic director, choreographer, dancer, singer Rosero McCoy as co-collaborator one of music's most enduring icons Jody Watley steps in front to a 'concept dance video' to her new song "DANCER' the from Remixed Collection. Watley has continued to be aligned with dance music with many of her releases and remixes especially in the 00's / 10's. McCoy, a renowned choreographer to this generation has recently started the trend of the 'concept video' with actress/artist Keke Palmer; shortened pieces with a special focus and generally not the full version of a song, more of a dub style mix. He states "Kids are really checking for long form video they way they used to. We wanted this to be at a minute and a half..but we made this one longer to really showcase the dancers. Everything we're doing is about pushing things forward..and of course it's cool Jody wanted us to have our moment in it too."

Nate Smith and McCoy make a cameo at the beginning and end of the piece, as a nod to their support of each other and the comaraderie they share onstage and off. They all began as dancers as catalyst into singer and performing.

In less than 4 full days, the video has generated almost 200,000 views on Facebook.com/JodyWatley and can also now be viewed on Youtube.
For the 'Dancer' in you!


Jody Watley and Shalamar Reloaded Revisit John Monds Love and R&B.

Nate Allen Smith, Rosero McCoy, Jody Watley and John Monds. Shalamar Reloaded in the house. SlowDance.

If you don't believe the journey is real, you haven't been paying attention. Here's Shalamar Reloaded in a 2015 Highlight visit to America's Radio One's syndicated Love and R&B with John Monds preceding series of sold out intimate shows at Blues Alley celebrating their 50th anniversary.

The trio spent an hour with veteran on air personality John Monds. Watley talked about her career, touched upon the early days of Shalamar while focusing on the new era and members before having fun chiming in on the love question of the night. Nate and Rosero were able to give the radio audience some background on themselves. Monds gave listeners a play of the single 'SlowDance.'

Shalamar Reloaded Share Video Highlights 2015

It's been quite a foundation building debut year for Jody Watley, Nate Allen Smith and Rosero McCoy as Shalamar Reloaded.

In posts shared on their Official Facebook page, it's all about the 2015 journey that took the trio around the United States, to the United Kingdom, Netherlands and Japan. It began as one thing and morphed into something else - a real group. New single, new video and an ever evolving show. "We're not kicking and screaming trying to hold on to the past. We celebrate it because of course Jody's an original but we are not that. Even when we do those classic songs, we're not saying remember this, it all feels fresh and the audiences have been loving us. " says Rosero McCoy. "We'll leave it to other people to try to make it like it's 1982. No one is ever going to replace that past, no one. We have something new to build on. We've evolved as the year went on and with every show and experience we had. We're ready to keep building and creating..we've already set a new precedent and can see others try to follow our lead while they have tried to stop us. We've just kept it rolling and positive; letting the haters do their job."

Check out the 2015 journey with a backdrop musical bed a Jamie de Von remix of the debut single SlowDance.

2015Highlights. Shalamar on UrbandBridgez

We've been sharing some of the highlights of 2015, when Shalamar was officially Reloaded and made some noise. The name Shalamar had not been mentioned and covered so much since the 80's before the year of Jody Watley, Nate Smith and Rosero McCoy. It would have been easy and safe to stay in the tried and true formula of nostalgia, singing the hits - which they do quite well, but the goal was to create a new path. The road less traveled. Branching out to a newer base and audience and to introduce new members to the American and international public. This was achieved as evidenced by the media attention generated for the new trio and despite efforts to undermine their efforts from bookings to public reaction.

2015 was even more noteworthy because of a smear and bully campaign that was started and led by a Vijay Bhuchar whose name seemed to be under every review and article and Youtube clip. Bhuhcar is an associate of Watley's former colleagues.

The group was featured on an array of music sites, including: UrbanBridgez

Shalamar Upcoming Concert Dates. Reloaded.

Jody Watley. Original. Shalamar. Reloaded.

One of the unique elements of the new Shalamar experience as a live act is the first half being an uptempo affair, classic hits with new moves with the signature 'sound' in tact, fresh arrangements (Full of Fire has become a rousing electro ambient anthem about passion and life), and the infusion of sex appeal. Once you've partied to Shalamar 'Reloaded', you're treated to a rousing hit packed show with the one and only Jody Watley who has amassed a catalogue of diverse hits spanning R&B, Pop, Dance, Adult Contemporary and Electronica over the decades. The finale is always a frenzy with Nate Smith and Rosero McCoy rejoining Watley all united with their dance backgrounds and connections in full effect. It's a can't miss show for all ages!!

Dec.30-31, Jan.1 Yoshi's Oakland
Jan.18-19 Billboard Live Tokyo
Jan. 21-Billboard Live OSAKA
Jan. 29 - The Roxy Theatre Los Angeles
Feb. 12 - SAP Center San Jose
Feb. 13 - Orleans Arena - Las Vegas
Feb. 26 - BankUnited Center Miami
Feb. 27 - CFE Arena Orlando 

Shalamar Reloaded. 2015 Highlight. Essence Magazine. SlowDance Video Spotlight

It was a year with a flurry of activity introducing the new and  reloaded Shalamar from American and international tour dates, a new single, video and totally reviving a name with a new brand and aesthetic - Shalamar Reloaded. Here's one of the highlights, making it on ESSENCE Magazine the third time in the year with a spotlight on the SlowDance video. Undeniable impact.

Rosero McCoy At The Helm of Jody Watley's DANCER Concept Video

There's a tremendous inner comraderie and display of teamwork for the Shalamar Reloaded squad if you've been following on Instagram and Facebook with Nate, Jody and Rosero.
The latest comes in the form of a new music video for solo style icon and Grammy winner Jody Watley.
On deck for the dance video for a cameo was new male lead and fellow dancer Nate Allen Smith with a cast of some of Los Angeles' best dancers a few out of towners, kids and first timers. Stay Tuned!!

Shalamar Reloaded. Year End Top 20 on Poptastic Confessions.

2015 was quite a debut year for Shalamar Reloaded. With many sold-out shows most importantly in the United States, a new single and video; after decades of silence beyond rotation on classic soul radio.

Add  splash of controversy, a contingency of a hand full of detractors not so subtly fueled by a couple of familiar names and former colleagues of Watley's and a longtime Watley imposter associated with former Solar Records owner; it was all about the new reloaded era in the end. Another faction may have claimed to be 'doing Shalamar for years' but there was little evidence to support it beyond a few concerts in the UK as a nostalgia act.
It wasn't until 2015 the name "Shalamar" was the talk of the town again as the result of the efforts of Jody Watley's vision, along with Rosero McCoy and Nate Smith. You can Google this if you're a non believer.  Shalamar Reloaded raised the bar and created a new path. It also put an end to those false ads where it obvious someone else was trying to make people think the original girl wasn't Watley while using her face.
What a difference a trademark makes. Pictured is Jody Watley with Hewett and Daniels; though they changed the name to a Carolyn Griffey back in 2011 in the UK.

A false ad. Pictured is Jody Watley although the name was changed - there false practices were stopped in 2015.

It was easy to see how they shook people up and even started the very haters to try to shadow and emulate. Nate, Jody and Rosero are looking forward to 2016.
Special thank you to music blog Poptastic Confessions for being an early supporter.

Shalamar Reloaded SlowDance Top 20, see the list: Here

Jody Watley New Interview. Keeps It Real.

Jody Watley. Photography: Albert Sanchez

Always one to drop knowledge and insights with  a sense of humor and earned wisdom. Jody Watley gives another must read interview. In it she also makes sure to mention the newly reloaded Shalamar and new members Nate Smith and Rosero McCoy.

Continue Reading: Here

Chicago. A Look Back to May 2015 For Shalamar Reloaded.

May 30, 2015 Promotional Flyer for Shalamar® Reloaded 

Th Shrine Chicago was the perfect intimate venue for Jody Watley and the newly reloaded Shalamar as they toured the United States in 2015. As a venue that attracts some of today's best acts in R&B and Hip Hop; new members Nate Smith, Rosero McCoy and of course original and Grammy winning solo artist Jody Watley felt right at home to bring the diverse show spanning disco, soul, pop, hip hop, electronica and house to the venue.

"For the first time in a long time, “Soul Train” dancer turned Shalamar singer and solo artist/songwriter/producer/model/entrepreneur Jody Watley returned home to Chicago, bringing along more than three decades of R&B, soul, disco, pop, hip-hop and house treasures. Setting up shop at the upscale South Loop club The Shrine, the fashionable hitmaker didn’t just put the focus on her many individual talents, but also brought along Shalamar Reloaded to revisit those often overlooked beginnings..."  Continue Reading

Shalamar Reloaded on WGN-TV Chicago. May 30, 2015

Before their appearance at The Shrine, the trio also made an appearance on WGN's #1 Morning Show, performing the classic "A Night to Remember."
Watch The Performance and Interview: Here