Feel The Heat. Shalamar Reloaded New Video O.R.I.G.in.A.L on SingersRoom

Shalamar Reloaded The Modern Slayage

Jody Watley said she wasn't content to rely on the whole safety net of nostalgia revival where veteran acts never venture from the comfort zone to rely on past hits, she didn't lie. Trolls might think she's too old to do something new,  while they old asses stay stuck in the past, I say keep proving the hater's wrong Jody gyrl, you looking hotter than ever. What's the secret?! Do tell inquiring minds. Hmm, maybe that new hottness of Rosero and Nate. To these young eyeballs, this 3 compliment each other well. Jody is always cutting edge, stylish and sassy and looks half of whatever her age is supposed to be. Miss Jody and Shalamar Reloaded got trolls all in they feelings.

There's nothing an old guy can do but point me in the direction of a young one, so I'm with Miss Jody all day with no fuks to give. Umm humm. Boom.

See what SingersRoom has to say about the new Shalamar Reloaded video for Click on  O.R.I.G.in.A.L

Catch Shalamar Reloaded and Jody Watley in Atlantic City May 12 at Harrah's Resort and Casino, I hope they come to the south soon.

Shalamar Reloaded Clap Back In New Video

Jody Watley, Nate Allen Smith, and Rosero McCoy drop some truth and return the shade they've been experiencing with a few old schoolers and possibly some of Watley former Shalamar members like Howard Hewett (remember the mega shade he threw on the Tom Joyner Show a few months back).. Shalamar Reloaded have turned the troll hatred into leprachaun gold and unicorn dust.

This song is pure fiyah, the clapback song of the year.

"Watch me walk out.." Yes, Miss Jody, Rosero and Nate.

I know some people I need to play this for myself, shady ass co-workers blocking my promotion. Boom!

Shalamar Reloaded Prepare to Drop New Single and Video

While the other clan looking like Mob boss rejects with Howard, Jeffrey (when will he stop pimping the Michael Jackson thing? Is the backslide still a thing with these kids out here? This girl who never sang on any of Shalamar hits or albums, ignores the D'Lisa chick who came after Jody in 1984 and stayed until the demise in 1990 but ole girl Griffey says Shalamar belongs to her because of who her daddy was, play the oldies greatest hits tour money grab over in jolly ole England.
I'm just gonna leave this right here

Jody Watley and her legally formed new group Shalamar Reloaded prepare to drop another single and video called "O.R.I.G.in.A.L." looking and sounding fierce.  The trio have been dropping dimes about what's behind the video over on their social media pages like Instagram and Facebook, their haters and cynics and copycats. I've witnessed some some of the hate and trolling, one name that has popped up a lot are dudes like Vijay Bhuchar and Zak Patel (T-shirt vendors and fans of the Daniels, Hewett, GriffGyrl crew). I'm just sipping my tea!

Can't wait to see what Shalamar Reloaded have come up with and kudos to them for keeping the music going forward for this generation. Their single drops on Friday May 6, and surely the video won't be far behind.

Miss Jody slaying back in 1989 I'm just going to leave this here and then ask you to look up ^^ .... "Chyle please a stadium of seats need to be taken" could that be what ole boy Daniels is thinking!

Nate, Miss Jody and Rosero SLAYAGE! 

Hottie Nate Smith (photo source: jodywatley.net) at video filming.