SHALAMAR In Stage Costumes Promotional Photo 1979

Jeffrey Daniel, Jody Watley and Howard Hewett who became third male lead vocalist of the trio in 1979. Jody Watley was noted in Jet Magazine May 1, 1982 as being Choreographer and Costume Designer Wardrobe for Shalamar. "Fashion design is something the multi-talented Jody has had a taste for since childhood, and it may lead to her own boutique one day. "So this is kind of an outlet to use some of my ideas. I use the group as a guinea pig." She laughs. The experiments, though, seems to work, "If it lays, it stays," Jeffrey says, "and she's done a good job so far."
The dazzling choreography that has helped make the group such a popular stage attraction is also Jody's department."

Photo: Getty Images Archive Michael Ochs