SHALAMAR Jeffrey Daniel | Jody Watley The FACE Style Feature 1983

Former Soul Train stars Jeffrey Daniel and Jody Watley from The Face Magazine, UK 1983 BY Lesley White were recognized as being on the cutting edge of style since Soul Train and contributed to the distinct appeal of Shalamar with their fashions and dancing along with the singing sounds.

EXCERPT: If Los Angeles soul group Shalamar gave us our first taste of body poppin' and a clutch of truly memorable singles, London has fully reciprocated with the delights of Camden Palace, Kensington Market and Vivienne Westwood, all of which they've adopted as their own. Since their dancing days on American TV's Soul Train, Jeffrey Daniel and Jody Watley-paper thin perfect as models on the best books in town-have been a natural compliment, in or out of the camera's eye.."

The Face Magazine, August 1983
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