Page 36, Right On Magazine July 1982

Caption: Jeffrey Daniels international travels have taken him to parts of Europe, the West Indies and Africa. He shares the contents of his wardrobe brimming with unique fabrics and accessories in a special fashion layout with his many friends and fans in mind.
Page 37, Right On Magazine July 1982
Caption: Jeffrey and his friend Donna model Japanese Kansai fashions he found in Paris. At let he's wildly reggae shown with his many cases of guitars. The long white robe and matching pants are West African which he picked up while on tour.
Page 38, Right On Magazine July 1982

CAPTION: Shalamar's backup singer Jermaine Stewart (a former Soul Train dancer) has gone New Wave too. His friends think he's very trendy. Jeffrey's Scottish kilt, admired by his RCA dog is just the proper outfit for his travels to the British Isles

Page 39 Right On Magazine July 1982

CAPTION: "Shalamar's only female member Jody Watley who is a longtime friend and dance partner of Jeffrey's enjoys the New Wave look too. She took advantage of the opportunity to purchase clothing and accessories which would compliment Jeffrey's wardrobe. Now they have to get their lead singer Howard Hewett into the act. He's resisted their attempts to convert him so far."