SHALAMAR Get Your Nightlife with Originals Jody Watley and Gerald Brown on Soulbounce

From respected blog music blog  Soulbounce: Jody Watley brought the noise, funk and attitude that dominated the late 70's and all of the 80's. First with Shalamar and then as as a solo act, she paved the war for many of the female acts who came after her..the exciting twist features the original Shalamar co-lead singer Gerald Brown.. read the rest after the jump on:  Soulbounce

Jody Watley and the concept of "Nightlife" helps keep the Shalamar name alive and relevant  into the 21st century and the first Shalamar duet since 1983. "Nightlife" debuts on Music Week at Number 20 in Great Britain, always a strong market for Shalamar.