Jody Watley Responds To False Allegations and Slander in Powerful Essay

Jody Watley. Photography Albert Sanchez

Jody Watley, never one to bite her tongue responds to false allegations and harassment in a powerful blog in response to former Shalamar colleague Howard Hewett and on air morning show personality Tom Joyner.

Watley continues to be reluctant to be drawn into drama manufactured by others, but had to speak out to this.

The line was drawn with the latest round of false allegations designed to undermine her legal trademark rights and success with launching the new Shalamar, as well attempts to damage her reputation. In a poignant essay Watley recalls being bullied as a child, and recalls how she was raised to have self-worth and value. She talks about misuse of her likeness and potential damages as a result a catalyst which led her to look deeper into the trademark before applying to the USPTO under legal advisement. Nothing illegal whatsoever, more like sour grapes from others.

Read the powerful essay:  "Just Living My Life"