Jody Watley Legal Team Shuts Down Infringement Stone Soul Concert in Concord

A week ago the an announcement swept northern Cali announcing "Shalamar featuring Howard Hewett." It's been well documented the past year, original member Jody Watley registered the non registered mark with the USPTO to put an end to false and misleading ads. Howard Hewett, self proclaimed owner of Shalamar Carolyn Griffey and Jeffrey Daniel although working in the U.K. had not played a U.S. date in recent memory.
If anyone knows trademark and copyright law it's nothing to the toyed with, and it appears Hewett, Griffey and Daniels along with KBLX got served.

They tried it.

A week later..the ad. We guess they got served. Seems to us they should have had it like this in the first place knowing Watley has the paperwork.

The only original member of this bunch Jeffrey Daniel is reduced to minor billing.

We also got our hands on these emails entered in to Carolyn Griffey's challenge to Jody Watley's registration. It seems as though Hewett and Daniels had been working for Dick Griffey handing over a hefty 30% from concert revenue as well as being told how the daughter Carolyn Baldwin would be put into the group with a demand she fly business. We wonder did that mean the guys were coach?

Dick Griffey has some choice words for Hewett, and give his not so subtle thoughts on the lack of value of singers and the final "The Look" album he admittedly handed over to Hewett. It's all public record, and we can't wait for the Jody Watley movie is all we know. At least she never returned to work under the Griffey clan/  Hewett and Daniels seem to be OK with not being in charge and working under the daughter who proclaims Shalamar is her group.

Watley has always remained mumm on all of this while the others have gone out of their way to bring her down and give out misinfo.

Read Dick Griffey lay down the law in these emails that are a part of the Carolyn Baldwin challenge (stage name Griffey).