SHALAMAR Goes Uptown

Wanting to form a vocal/dance group  Shalamar​  was created and founded in 1977  by Don Cornelius​ and partner Dick Griffey for Soul Train Records label.  Originals were popular Soul Train​ dancers  Jody Watley​ Jeffrey Daniel providing instant public recognition and charisma for marketing and promotion for the disco hit "Uptown Festival" with session singer Gary Mumford. 

Don Cornelius to JET Magazine May 1, 1980 "Jeffrey and Jody were two of the most interesting people on the show", Cornelius reveals. "We thought they would fit the image we wanted to create for Shalamar. It's just lucky they could sing."  Read the archived article: JET
Jeffrey Daniel, Jody Watley, Gary Mumford

Laying the foundation of the  legacy Jeffrey Daniel, Jody Watley, Gary Mumford

Gary Mumford, Jody Watley, Jeffrey Daniel make first group appearance on Soul Train, 1977.

Mumford would depart shortly after release of the first SHALAMAR album of the same name "Uptown Festival."