Shalamar featuring Howard Hewett, Jeffrey Daniel and Carolyn Griffey Splash Into California Cancellation

Fresh off his his Unsung Howard Hewett or better yet Unsung Shalamar Part 2, why they keep saying Jody did no reunions when she did? The shade of it all.  Chyle Miss Jody girl call your lawyers.

Anywhoo seems the quote unquote greatest soul singer of all time and "voice" of Shalamar with the moonwalk king (is that still even a thing?) and the woman who claims to have some paperwork making Shalamar her thang Griffey couldn't pack him in at the California waterslide park "Splash Kingdom." Not a good showing in America, seems like they were trying to come for Jody and her hot ass Shalamar Reloaded who play to packed houses and rave reviws, well the Hewett,Griffey led Shalamar have bombed twice now once with the debacle up in Concord and now this.

Funny thing is they are quiet as church mouses by not mentioning the show was cancelled on their Fakebook page called "Shalamar Friends" You know they say God don't like ugly, but I guess they do in the UK because they posted some more dates there. "Due to unforeseen circumstances" like tickets not selling after it was pushed back August 13 to September 3.