Jody Watley Calls Out Howard Hewett, Jeffrey Daniel and Unsung on Lies

Miss Jody Watley had time for it all. Never known to be one from shying away from speaking her mind, she did that and more in response to the recent airing of the Howard Hewett Unsung episode. They tried it with the shade on Miss Jody again and she was not here for it with no fuks given came for all the scalps and edges with a mack load of receipts.

My mouth is still on the floor soaking up all the tea she brought including the recent friendly email exchanges with Howard and Jeffrey but yet The one they call "The Voice" has been on airwaves plugging airtime using it to bash Jody and the flat out lie as if they never talked. That Dick Griffey man saying to Howard "Your vacation is finished, you'll sing what I tell you, when I tell you and with who, and my daughter will fly business class" I was gagging while reading the Griffey dude demand the only woman they could sing with in Shalamar since 2001 was his daughter. While him and Jeffrey do the struggle backslide to coach and still follows orders long after ole boy is six feet under! Chyle Howard and Jeffrey's balls got chopped off with a jagged knife.

It didn't stop there, she took all of us back to the 90's and the whole she won't do a reunion with us mess and took time to show how she was being harrassed by bitter fans who blindly take Hewett's mouth as a prayer book. Whoe knew they did a song together and was negotiating for an album?!! Back up old school heads, Miss Jody Watley is about the business and not here for the foolishness. She also reminded everyone why she is who she is, not Unsung, not bitter, not mad. The same crooner who let some chick do his time by saying I do needs to get over it and that dancer dude still jocking Mike's nuts over the "moonwalk." Note to him, Michael won the Emmy in 1983 for the Motown 25th,  let it go boo boo.

Those geeezers need to give it up and just keep on giving their coins to the wanna be, who will never be Jody. Them Brits are guillible af how they was pulling that fake shit off before Jody got the trademark and pulled them thirsty garden tools out of the closet. Some people will do anything for a busted penny. Them fools could have done what Jody did, research that shit instead they went for the kool-aid.

The shade of this picture it's deniable though Jody is still that chick, she put them all on blast

Jody Watley Open Letter  Sip the  TEA