False Ads Still Plague Jody Watley in UK

False ad, bait and switch, the first with old photo with Jody and then the other with Griffey as if they are the same. So shady
We all know the tea that Mis Jody Watley secured the Shalamar trademark several years back, to get some control over the shady misuse of her likeness in the form of old photo's and video to help bamboozle old british fans clueless in drinking the ale of nostalgia and promoters and the goon squad of Hewett, Daniels and Griffey to make an extra dollar. Welp it seems like they are still at their old tricks while Miss Jody has seemingly decided to let it be. From an outsider the other three (Griffey who challenged Watley's registration and the USPTO still lists as pending, Jeffrey Daniels and Howard Hewett come off as desperate and bitter af. If you ever want to waste time, just listen to one of their interviews that they started doing after Jody's registration and how she's been marketing her new group. Shalamar Reloaded (which Miss Jody apparently registered as a name) after the growing popularity because us fans definitely know who's who in this group Hey Nate and Rosero! While Daniels is still trying to ride the wave of a forgotten dance move that Mister Jackson won an Emmy for over 30 years ago with some mega watt hits to back them up; and let's not forget my Aunt Terri's favorite group as a kid the Jackson 5.

I've also noticed the dragging of Jody in their interviews. Jeffrey Daniel saying "Oh, Jody saw what Howard and I were doing and decided to start her own Shalamar. She's suing us.." Where's the receipts? Jeffrey has also shaded Jody by stating "..Jody had a career." While the diva continues to tour and release quality choons and that clown is just dick riding Michael, Howard and the cross Griffey bosses daughter who collects her percentage. Jody's receipts, Open Letter

Just read Jody's Open Letter and back track to the trademark, she never planned to start a group but since the trademark called for it. to her credit the diva has always been up front in marketing her group, and invested her coins in new music and videos. The Daniels dude, with his fake accent and constant namedropping of being the teacher to Michael Jackson (since his death) is as believable as Steve Harvey's mustache. They all reak sour grapes on Jody.

Old photo's with Jody Watley

The thirst is real

Now in a new twist Howard Hewett and Carolyn Griffey are ditching Jeffrey Daniel for Micki Free for a concert in Detroit at Chene Park in August. These hoes ain't loyal. The shade of it all. We also peeped that some configuaration of them will be releasing a single in October while they go trying to recapture the glory years of the Friends album, labeled their biggest tour yet while making sure to throw shade on Jody in the bio..and by the way when did Shalamar sell 25 million albums? Trump fake facts ya heard. People will beleive anything these days.

Using an old video, bait and switch. Caroyln Griffety in not Miss Jody and they keep talking about how great they are for the past 15 years, but keep going back to old ish with my girl peep the A Night to Remember video  https://prestonguildhall.co.uk/shows/shalamar/
Yet and still Miss Jody is the one who usually gets dragged by bitter old fans and old disco disco deejays. I got blocked on Facebook for pointing out some of this.

Meanwhile Jody and her SRL are gearing up for their summer concert tour and a new album called "Bridges."
Photo from SRL instagram page officialsrl

This is a show!